Cancellation of Contract Bundle

Cancellation of Contract Bundle

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No one wants to lose a client, even if they're a problem client, but it happens. And when it happens, you need to be prepared. This bundle is to be used in the case when parties may agree to cancel...


No one wants to lose a client, even if they're a problem client, but it happens. And when it happens, you need to be prepared.

This bundle is to be used in the case when parties may agree to cancel contract or when you have issues with clients – such as lack of communication, non-payment, and other potential issues.

Cancellation of Contract Notice #1 and #2 - use this when you have determined you simply want to cancel the contract with the client, and move forward without pursuing breach.

Cancellation of Contract Agreement is a document for both parties to sign releasing both parties from any further obligations.

Confirmation of Date Letter – use this letter in the situations where clients haven’t confirmed the date and just need a little nudge.

Breach of Contract Letter-  use this letter to notify client they are in breach and have an opportunity to fix the breach (such as missing a payment deadline, etc).


Always send all of these documents registered mail!

How to use

1. Choose the contract template you need 2. Download to your computer (not phone or tablet) and back up your new contract templates. Files come as .doc and can be opened in Word, Notepad, etc. 3. Fill-in-the-blanks and edit to your business policies and local laws 4. Copy and paste into any contract signing system OR simply print!

Why we are different

It can be overwhelming to run your own fitness business. From contracts and release forms to intellectual property law, the complexities are intimidating. As a team of lawyers and entrepreneurs, we know what it's like. And we don't want fear of the unknown keeping you up at night. That's why we offer affordable fitness business contracts tailored to professionals just like you. Our team of lawyers and fitness businesses at FitLegally® develop, review, and approve every contract. We think this is a pretty awesome combo—legal expertise and entrepreneur know-how. If you're afraid of client disputes and potential liability, you're not alone. Business conflict is time-consuming, expensive, and harmful. Which makes it essential to protect your work. Protecting your business with clear and comprehensive contracts is non-negotiable. Whether you're starting out, shooting for free, or an experienced professional, legal protection is extremely important. Every contract template we provide is easy to edit and should be tailored to reflect business policies and laws in your state. While you can obtain a contract through a non-entrepreneur lawyer, it may not be the best choice. Since our templates were created by—and for—entrepreneurs, they are typically more comprehensive. And cool news, they can save you money. Lawyer-drafted. Entrepreneur-approved. No recurring fees - just one time payment. Instant-downloadable template.

Legal Disclaimer

Here is our legally required fine print. While FitLegally® is run by a lawyer, it is not a law firm and provides no legal services. All templates, courses and products are educational content only. Use of this website does not create a lawyer/client relationship. All contracts are drafted on general contract principles for the United States of America. These contracts go through a multi-level review process with attorneys and entrepreneurs. Each contract has fill-in-the-blank sections and allows for editing to suit your business policies + local state laws.
Cancellation of Contract Bundle

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